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Diacor offers the services of some 600 physicians and other health sector experts. In addition to providing comprehensive occupational healthcare services, Diacor's healthcare professionals offer their services also to private customers not associated with a particular company.

Diacor has 13 highly modern medical centres in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, and a state-of-the-art day-surgery hospital in the Ruoholahti suburb of Helsinki. We also have at our disposal a top-class 3T magnetic imaging device.



VanBreda and Cigna

 Diacor hospital has signed an agreement with international insurance company VanBreda and Cigna. Diacor hospital has well-established and customer-oriented pathway and process for national and international patients. Read more

Russian www-pages

 We have published www-pages also in Russian. See here to visit the pages. Read more
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Diacors ägare är stiftelsen Diakonissanstalten i Helsingfors. Vi är ett helt inhemskt företag.


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